Hi, my name is Courtlyn and I am the face behind the company Courtlyn's Collections. I am a Louisiana native and enjoy being around people (whether that is friends, family, or getting to know new faces) as well as Netflix, coffee, shopping, painting, and spending endless hours on Pinterest!

I started selling jewelry to girls while in college for a part-time job to make what I like to call "fun money" in 2014.  This jewelry was part of the "Handpicked Collection".  I was hooked. I came home one holiday break and wanted to channel my creativity into my own jewelry creations, which led me to debut the "Handmade Collection".  Juggling school and jewelry can sometimes be a challenge, but I make it work.  The jewelry is just too fun to let go of!

One of my true passions is expressing my creativity through unique jewelry creations for others to enjoy! I strive to make and/or hand pick extraordinary pieces to fit every style. I hope you find something that is just right for you!